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Here are some tips for your garden the Fall:
  • Plant spring flowering bulbs - like tulips, daffodils crocus, etc., in the fall.
  • Evergreens benefit from a heavy watering just before the ground freezes for the winter. This hydration will help prevent winter damage.
  • Upright evergreens - such as Skyrocket, Spartan, and Mountbatten junipers - are prone to snow load damage throughout the winter. The best way to protect them is to wrap them in the fall with plastic mesh.
  • Broadleaf evergreen - like rhododendrons and Piers- retain most of their foliage during the winter - this makes them susceptible to wind and sun damage. Be sure to wrap them with burlap to prevent such damage.
  • The last time you mow your lawn in the fall, be sure to lower the deck. Keeping your grass very short for the winter will prevent diseases that destroy your grass roots.
  • Protect tender evergreens and other plants for the winter by wrapping them with burlap in the fall.
  • Tender bulbs, such as dahlias and tuberous begonias and gladiolas should be dug after the first front in the fall.. Air dry then in a protected location and then store them in a cool (not freezing) location for the winter. Replant them again in the Spring.



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